Friday, May 22, 2009

Excited to Be Together

My husband works a lot of hours. A LOT. Right now he is in middle of a big work project, with no end in sight, and so he has been working overtime and then most Saturday mornings as well. Aside from Sunday we don't get to see too much of him. It's hard: hard on me, harder on the kids.

However, starting tomorrow we will have him for three straight days. Because of Memorial Day his office is also closed tomorrow so he couldn't go in to work even if he wanted to (which he doesn't). I can't remember the last time we've seen so much of him at once. I am very glad for myself to a)see him and b)have some help with the kids. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, shuttling the kids around to appointments, laundry, and the rest of the tasks associated with running a house take their toll after doing them all single-handedly for months. However, I am most excited for my kids. They will have hours with him and they love just doing what he is doing, whether it is following him around while he works outside or running a quick errand.

We have no big plans, which is nice. We may be buying a new car and heading up to Phoenix to do so, but that is about the extent of our plans. So, how about you? How will you be spending your Memorial Day weekend?

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Joanne said...

We'll mostly be around home this weekend, planting the zinnia patch outside the kitchen window, and the tomato garden, with a little zucchini, peppers and lettuce thrown in for good measure. Have a great weekend, good luck car shopping!