Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Quest for the Best

When it comes to the doctors we choose for our family we try to find ones who are kind, caring, and compassionate. We also look for ones who listen and aren't heavy on the prescriptions. If something can be remedied without medication we would prefer to take that route. Essentially, we feel like the less medicine involved and the less invasion the better when it comes to treatment. In all honesty we have been incredibly fortunate to have the doctors we have. I love my primary care as does my husband. We love our pediatrician as well. And my love for my ob/gyn has been well documented on this blog. Our kids have a fantastic dentist and my husband and I are happy with ours. Even the handful of specialists we have seen from my podiatrist to the pediatric gastro, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, and the Ears, Nose, and Throat specialists our kids have seen have all been wonderful. When my husband has changed jobs my biggest concern has been whether or not our doctors would continue to be covered and when one possibly wasn't going to be I was willing to pay out of pocket to continue seeing him.

That being said, the one doctor who both me and my husband have had terrible luck with is eye doctors. When we first moved to Tucson we had very basic eye coverage and the only places our insurance would cover were the major chains like Nationwide Vision. Every year that we would go they would want us to try to some majorly expensive contacts for no real medical reason despite the fact neither of us had problems with our current brand of contacts and had been wearing those for years. One year they messed up my husband's prescription and we bought glasses for him with that prescription. He had horrible headaches and blurred vision. We went back a few months later and they were off by quite a bit. Each of the past 6 years we try a new doctor in the hopes of finding "the one" and each year we leave disappointed, vowing to never return.

So, thus began another year of finding an eye doctor, which truly seems ridiculous. My prescription hasn't changed in years yet no one will fill my contacts unless I get a new prescription each year. Drives me nuts. However, after today I can add my new optometrist to the list of doctors I now love. The guy was great. He pretty much fit the mold of all of our other doctors and I left really pleased with the appointment.

I am pretty sure that now we have a doctor to consult with for essentially any ailment that could possibly afflict any part of our body. My work is done.


Nancy said...

It IS so important to have doctors every likes! We've had a few clunkers in our life ourselves.
I don't have vision coverage but still go to the doctor I've gone to forever. At once a year, some things for me are just worth the price. In fact, I go today and will fill the Rx for my glasses this year - it changes ever so slightly each year that I always wait a couple of years!

Joanne said...

No easy task there, but I know what your mean. We're just about settled with our doctors too, but have had our quirky stories on the journey, too. It's a relief to be comfortable with the doctors you have!