Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Stockpile of Glasses

I have three pairs of glasses all with current prescriptions. I guess that is one of the many benefits of my eyes staying the same over the last handful of years. Every year and a half I buy new glasses anyway for a change of style, yet then still end up rotating all my old pairs every once in a while. My husband makes fun of this and has silly names for each of my "looks." For example, I have a pair of black plastic frames that he refers to as my "smart glasses." In addition, I have a wire rimmed pair and a reddish/brown pair of plastic frames.

Yesterday I had my annual contact fitting and walked away with a prescription for glasses as well, even though it is the same as my current one. I mentioned to my husband that I want to get another pair of glasses. He laughed and asked, "Really, how many do you need?" Then today proved why it is better to have three pairs of glasses on hand and not merely one. My black frames have been missing for about a month now. I don't know if I have simply misplaced them or if I really have left them somewhere. So, I was down to two pairs. Then today my son yanked my wire rimmed ones off my face and completely snapped the side piece off. It split in two places and there is no way they can be fixed. In a matter of minutes I was down to one pair.

When I call my husband in a few minutes to tell him I am going to get new glasses I think he now may understand.

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Joanne said...

One can never have too many eyeglasses! Fashion before function, don't forget. I have two pairs of eyeglasses, and three sunglasses because my daughter persuaded me to get another pair yesterday for the summer. Got to change it up every now and then.