Saturday, May 17, 2008

WHAT I'M READING: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: While it is directed toward fathers it is a book every parent should read. It gives specific advice and documented statistics as to why a father's role in a daughter's life is not a role to be taken lightly. As a mother it gives me a greater appreciation for the relationship my husband has with our daughter. It is an awesome responsibility to be a parent and fathers need to know that they are to be heroes to their daughters.

WHAT I'M WATCHING: I'm Not There and Gone Baby Gone. I haven't watched them yet, but Netflix just delivered them. Hoping to find time this weekend to watch at least one of them.

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO: Matt Nathanson, Some Mad Hope. This is a fantastic CD. There is not a single bad song on the entire thing. I'm so impressed by him and just absolutely love his music. Definitely check it out. He's along the lines of Brett Dennen, Newton Faulkner, etc. Great stuff!

WHAT I WANT TO READ: The World Without Us. The entire premise of the book sounds very interesting. Essentially, the question is posed what would happen to the earth if we suddenly ceased to exist? With painstaking research and evidence, the author shows us what would happen if that were to occur.

WHAT I WANT TO WATCH: Entourage Season 4 and Weeds Season 3. But most importantly I CANNOT WAIT to see Sex and the City The Movie. Words cannot express my excitement. OUT. OF. CONTROL!

WHAT I WANT TO LISTEN TO: Hand Built By Robot by Newton Faulkner. I saw this guy on Studio C (an acoustic show a local radio station puts on) and he was great. Fresh. New. Raw. Different. I see Amazon finally shipped it today so hopefully I'll get to break it in soon.

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