Friday, May 30, 2008

Federal Tax Dollars at Work

I had a very frustrating and unbelievable experience with the good ol' United States Postal Service yesterday...fine Federal Government at work. I had ordered a package from Amazon and had been tracking its route online. Yesterday it showed that it was delivered to my house at 2:35 pm. Knowing this was not possible as we were in the front yard at this time I went outside to check, just in case the time was wrong (this was at 5 pm, mind you). No package. Nothing in my mail box. So, I called the post office, told them that they delivered the package to the wrong house, and asked what the remedy would be. I was told that they do not keep track of where they deliver things. If it is supposed to be delivered to my house, they assume that it was. There's no way to track where it was actually delivered. WHAT???? I then asked what the recourse was. Was the post office going to reimburse me? I was told and I quote, "Oh, no. You have a virtually zero chance of getting money from us. We'll fill out a report and look into it." I countered by asking what that meant. Could they potentially look into it and decide "oh well, nothing we can do." The lady actually had the nerve to tell me that "yes, we'll look into it but pretty much you're just tough out of luck." This floored me.
So, they can deliver mail wherever they want with wanton disregard for specifics, such as acutal number and street addresses, and we have no recourse? According to the "lovely" lady who helped me, "yes." I then called Amazon and relayed the story to them and asked them if I had any options through them. You could tell the customer service rep at Amazon did not believe my account of the conversation with the postal service. I mean, it does sound pretty unbelievable. She asked me to repeat it twice and then put me on hold so she could "confirm with the postal service" that what I had said was accurrate. She comes back on the phone and you can tell she is SHOCKED. She said, "Well, I spoke with the postal service and they pretty much said the same thing. That there is nothing they can do but look into it and that is not a guarantee of fixing the situation." Amazon came through though. They gave me the option of a refund or they could send out the package again; I obviously chose to have the package sent out again but requested they use a delivery service other than the post office.

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