Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mini-Van Madness

I am almost completely 100 percent anti-mini van. I don’t have a good reason for my disdain for them, other than there is nothing cool, not even in the slightest, about a mini-van. I understand the practicality of owning such a vehicle when you have small children. We recently rented one for a trip to California and there is much more room than in our Pathfinder. An added plus is also the rear air. My children do not handle the heat well at all, so rear air is becoming a must (a must our current vehicle does not have). Living in Arizona where we are already reaching triple digits, air conditioning in cars is a necessity, not a luxury. This brings me to my afternoon yesterday.

My husband has a secret love affair with mini vans. He will not admit this, but he does. He is always talking about them (he is a car salesman, by the way) and always trying to convince me that a mini-van is the way to go. So, reluctantly I met him at his dealership to take a look at a Nissan Quest. I admit it was nice. DVD player, 6 disc CD changer, rear air, all the upgrades. It was nice. BUT it’s still a mini-van. I told my husband if he could get us a deal on the van for no more than 30 dollars more per month than what we are currently paying then I’d strongly consider “upgrading” my current vehicle. (Keep in mind, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pathfinder…minus the lack of rear air). He took my conditions like a challenge. He was optimistic, hopeful even. He thought he had started to break me. Admittedly, if the payments would be comparable I’d have a hard time justifying the logic behind not getting the mini-van. So like a good little salesman, off he went. I went home!

Update: Monthly payments would be almost 100 big ones more per month. I take that as a sign that God does not want me cruising the streets in a mini-van. I’m holding out for my Honda Pilot.

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