Sunday, January 11, 2009

What the Numbers Say

This was an exhausting weekend. My husband and I continued the overhaul on our house, which is more time consuming than one might think especially while still trying to make sure our kids get some attention. :) The good news is that I have only one more room to paint and the garage to clean out. The rest of the house is now immaculate and freshly painted.

Here's the rundown:

Hours Spent Cleaning: 14 plus
Hours Spent Painting: 6 plus
Gallons of Paint Used: 5 and counting
Rooms Painted: 2 full bathrooms, one kitchen, one dining room, 2 hallways, 17 doors, all baseboards but the living room (to be done this week)
Trips to Home Depot: Amazingly, only 2
Trips to Target: Amazingly, zilch, zero, goose egg
Gallons of Water Drank: 937. Only a slight exaggeration.
Hours Suffered from a Migraine: 12 straight
Hours of Sleep Over Past 2 Nights: 7
Number of Disney Princess Movies Watched: 2, Mulan and Mulan 2
Number of Books Read: 1 for my own pleasure (The Hour I First Believed) and 27 to the kids.
Number of Times I Let My Daughter Do My Hair: 9
Number of Times I Let My Daughter Do My Make-up: 1 and that was all it took to not let that happen again.
Number of Pictures My Kids Painted: 32 and boy was it messy
Number of Hours I Played "Castle" (a made up game) with my kids: 3 straight

So, tell me what you were up to this weekend and what do you have on your plate for the week?

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Joanne said...

Wow, your house will seem like a new home after all the work you're putting into it! I'll bet it looks nice. Had a nice weekend. If you include Friday, we snuck in a winter daytrip to the beach. Loved getting away for the day. And we beat the snow. 5 fresh inches fell Saturday night into Sunday, so a little snow cleanup yesterday.