Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vroom Vroom Vespa

I want a Vespa. I mean, I really want a Vespa. I do realize that I have 2 children and a Vespa is not exactly conducive to transporting a family. Not to mention the fact that I pretty much go nowhere without my children and thus would rarely have the opportunity to actually drive said Vespa. However, that doesn't stop my obsession with wanting to own one.

My husband currently drives my old Sentra, a car that is now 8 years old. Heaven forbid it break down, but if it does I have suggested to my hubby that maybe we should get him a Vespa. He's not too keen on the idea considering he works on the opposite side of town now and a 45 minute drive in July when it's 120 degrees outside is not looking too appealing to him. I told him that if he drives fast enough the wind could function as free AC.

The primary reason for my suggestion is a selfish one. If he has a Vespa then I can drive it on weekends when he is home with the kids. Quick trips to the grocery store, post office, mall, visits with friends.....I could just hop on the Vespa and be off.

If you had no one else to consider what is something you would buy or wish to buy just for yourself?


Nancy said...

I've had a Yamaha Vino for 3 years - 49cc so no motorcycle license or registration is required. It's AWESOME. I use it for just want you wanted - quick groceries, post office, bank. I rarely travel farther than five or six miles at a time with it and have to stay pretty much were the speed limit is 45 or lower. People are considerate too. I ride it to school when the weather is nicer and it makes parking for me a whole lot easier!

Robyn said...

In the car arena it would be a Mini Cooper S. I had one until Bear was a few months old (I couldn't get out of the lease sooner) and you CANNOT get a carseat in the back. And there's no trunk. So, it had to go.

I miss my Mini -- it was the fastest little rollerskate on the road (and SO me).

Joanne said...

In theory it would be lots of fun, but I'd be afraid of the other drivers! People are to distracted on the roads. :(

Michelle Smiles said...

Love the idea of it...but other people are idiots.

When I lived in Guatemala, I saw families of 3, 4 and sometimes 5 on 1 motorbike. Seriously scared the bejesus out of me but dad would drive with mom on the back. Kids would hang on and sit on laps and babies would be on momma's back. It is normal for them and no one bats an eye. Us Americans cringed and wanted to run along side to catch any falling children.