Friday, January 2, 2009

Let the Purging Begin

I sometimes feel as if I live in a toy factory. It seems as if toys are starting to fill every available corner of our house and frankly it is just claustrophobic. My husband and I intentionally did not buy our children big presents this year for Christmas, opting instead for a variety of smaller items. We asked our family to do the same and they mercifully obliged.

Even so, over time, toys and gadgets and clothing accumulates and before you realize it you are stuffed. This week I went through our house and just made notes about each room and what I'd like changed. Much to my husband's dismay the list grew exponentially and by the time I was finished I had outlined a 3 week "purging" process. Most of the labor falls on me since I am home and I know what I want to keep, what I want to donate, and what I want to toss out, but there are some "heavy lifting" items that will need my husband's manly attention. :)

I began today and spent hours in my daughter's room alone (I could have done it in probably an hour if I wasn't simultaneously trying to entertain two children and keep them from wreaking havoc on the rest of the house). I also started straightening up the office, which won't be that big of a chore. The office closet is another story. I stayed up late a few nights ago cleaning my son's room and so all that is left there is his closet. Ideally, I'd like to purge my closet, my husband's, the hall linen closet, downstairs storage closet, the garage, the kitchen shelves and cabinets, repaint the house, clean the carpets, and the list goes on.....and on.....

I guess I just want to begin to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. I'm tired of constantly being surrounded by the latest toys and gadgets. Don't get me wrong...I love all that stuff. I just feel like I need more room to breathe. Plus, I figure the less I have in my house, the less I have to clean up on a daily basis.

So, what about you? Do you like a lot of "stuff", prefer a more minimal existence, somewhere in between? Do you ever just get sick of everything and go on a "purging binge" much like I am doing?


Joanne said...

Sounds like you've got a jump on spring cleaning! Definitely a more minimal existence here. I find clutter distracting and try to stay de-cluttered as the days go by, but every now & then it gets ahead of me and I have to binge like you are.

Nancy said...

I like to keep it simple but when I find myself surrounded by alot of "stuff" I start weeding things out.