Monday, January 19, 2009


** We were shopping at Survivalist Headquarters tonight (also known as Costco) and at the end of each aisle different samples were being offered. A woman offered my daughter a cup of grapefruit slices and just as I was about to decline on her behalf my daughter says very matter-of-fact, "Oh, no thank you. I can't have grapefruit because I am allergic."

** My daughter has been running through the house chanting "Barack OMama" today. Can't wait for tomorrow.

** Has anyone heard the song "Home" by Tandy? It's beautiful!

** My husband, the kids, and I eat a lot of Basmati rice. We buy it in the 50 lb. burlap sacks at Costco. We just restocked. We have enough to make any Mormon survivalist proud.

** By this time tomorrow we will have a new President. The excitement is palpable. Here's to us, America!

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Joanne said...

Raising a coffee cup in cheers to the future!