Thursday, January 1, 2009


When I was in college I took a cruise with three of my friends to different ports throughout Mexico. We had a great time, but I remember as I was boarding thinking, "Man, it wouldn't be that difficult to fall off this boat or get thrown off." I voiced these concerns on more than one occasion and was repeatedly told, "Oh, that's virtually impossible."

Then a few years after I took this cruise it seemed like I couldn't open up the newspaper without reading about another person falling or being thrown off a cruise ship. It now seems to be an epidemic. I just read about another cruise ship employee today falling off the ship. It appears that it is fairly easy to do. I don't understand it really.

My husband has never been on a cruise and would like to go....with our kids. While I have no doubt we'd all have a lot of fun, the thought of our children, our son especially on a boat at open sea, scares the bejesus out of me....seriously. My son is the kid who, on a daily basis, makes me rethink my opposition to the leash/harnesses so many parents use. He's the kid who makes all other kids look easy. I don't want him anywhere near that boat, because if there is a way to get off it, he will find that way. I know I'd spend the entire time worrying instead of relaxing and having fun. (I have similar moments of panic when my husband suggests taking the kids to the Grand Canyon.)

So, anyone taken a cruise with small children? Did you enjoy yourself? Were you worried about one of them going overboard?


Joanne said...

No cruises here. We keep our feet on land. I think I'd be like you with little ones, too many worries on a ship to be able to relax and enjoy myself.

Nancy said...

I've never been on a cruise - with a child or without. I would be freaked out too trying to make sure he stayed away from the edge if we did though!
You're right - you can't open the paper lately without reading about someone falling or jumping overboard.

Robyn said...

Um, your description of your son sounds EXACTLY like Bear. I always say he's the kid everyone likes to have around (for a little while), but is glad to leave behind.

We haven't cruised with Bear, but I would definitely consider a Disney cruise.