Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

So my kids were sick for most of the month of December. My son is still battling a cough and runny nose. Imagine my surprise when Christmas came and went and I was still not sick. I mean, come on, I catch everything. Well, my glee was short lived. I came down with the same crud that is going around on Saturday and I am now miserable. Add to this the fact that my son has decided to start waking up every hour all night long and I'm about ready to claw my own eyes out. Or the fact that my daughter stands in her door way in the middle of the night crying about wanting to "sleep with mommy." I love that they love me but I'd love it more if they'd love me less during the hours of 10 pm until 7 am.

On more uplifting news my husband and I have made great progress in our "house purging" endeavor. I was able to clean out both kids' rooms, closets, dressers, toy boxes and put up new beds in each. My husband gutted his closet and dresser and I mine and I even managed to "spotlify" (yes, it's my made up word for the epitome of cleanliness) the laundry room. So, our upstairs has only the office remaining and if all goes well I hope to clean that out this week. My illness has thrown a bit of a curve into the plan, but I think I'll power through. Then hopefully next weekend we can hit the kitchen, the storage closet, and the garage. We have someone coming today to pick up 17 bags of donated clothing and bedding from our closets and drawers. Craziness...I am just glad all that stuff is not in my house anymore.

So, tell me about your weekend. What did you do? What's on the agenda for the week? Have you managed to stay healthy during this "cold" and "flu" season?


Joanne said...

I'm sorry your family's illness finally found you!! Hope you feel better soon. Wow, you've done a lot of cleaning. Feels good though, doesn't it? Quiet weekend here, put away the last of the outside decorations, did some editing on a manuscript. Feels good to slow down after the rush of December!

Johnson and Johnson said...

17 bags?!? I love it!

Moxymama said...

Joanne, sounds like you had a nice weekend. I still need to get our decorations put away. I'm behind in that regard.
J and J, Yeah, and I packed up 5 more bags today. I want to move so I have an even bigger excuse to get rid of stuff. :)