Thursday, January 22, 2009

She Strikes With a Needle and Atones with a T-shirt

My husband was asked to give blood when the Red Cross came to his office earlier in the week. He agreed and went downstairs to donate. The tech missed his vein the first time. When she went for a second attempt she sprayed him with blood. She then did the same with two more of my husband's colleagues before being taken off needle duty. He fortunately had an extra shirt in the car so he didn't go through the rest of the day looking like something out of a Dexter episode. For his troubles he was given a stupid looking Red Cross t-shirt. After what he just experienced I don't know that he'd want to give them any free publicity.

When he called and told me he was sprayed I figured it was just a few droplets. Fast forward 9 hours later when he got home. He brings in his shirt to show me and the entire front of it looked like someone had taken a paint sprayer and shot blood all over him. I have never seen such a thing as a result of donating blood and I have had a lot of problems in the past while giving blood, either willingly or as a result of a doctor's order.

I am tempted to send the Red Cross his dry cleaning bill along with a hood and sickle for the agent of death "phlebotomist."

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Robyn said...

LOL! I wish I wasn't eating my breakfast when I read that. There is NO WAY that woman could've been a nurse -- that's horrible!