Friday, January 23, 2009

Times Like These

Some of my favorite times during the day are the brief moments when I get to spend time alone with each of my children. This doesn't happen often and usually not until the evening, but it is precious nonetheless.

I love cuddling with my son in his bed. He is such a sweet and sensitive soul and laughter comes easily to him. Lately he has become very interested in books and so he will go to his bookshelf and pull out book after book, bring it to me on his bed and we'll read. He tries to repeat all that I say and I just love watching his facial expressions, sensing his excitement, and listening to him as he struggles with and then masters new words.

Time with my daughter is equally precious. I usually read with her as well, but more often than not we play with dolls or princesses or have a tea party. Sometimes she does my hair or I'll do hers, but many times we simply sit together and talk. I am constantly amazed and impressed with her and feel so honored to be her mother.

Truly, those are some of the best parts of my day. I look at both of my children and realize how blessed my husband and I are to have them in our lives. I look at them and realize that I truly want our world to be better FOR THEM and for their children. I look at them and think that they have their entire lives ahead of them and anything is possible and that I just don't want them to grow up too fast because I want to be able to hold and cuddle and love them just like this forever.

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