Monday, June 30, 2008

Random and Useless Information About Me

1. I attended college on a basketball scholarship. At one point my junior season I led the nation in 3 point field goal percentage.
2. I was a high school English teacher for 5 years prior to becoming a mom.
3. It is unlikely that when I return to work that it will be as a teacher.
4. I am the oldest of 4. Much was required and expected of me. I try not to put that same level of pressure and responsibility on my daughter.
5. I have an obsession with bags...backpacks, messenger bags, diaper bags, hobo bags, purses, totes, etc. I'm a bag whore!
6. I love chapstick!
7. I love my children something fierce. If you wrong them, I will kill you!
8. I have little tolerance for selfish or self-centered people.
9. I'm Christian but a political and social moderate. Many assume that Christianity and a more liberal political stance can't co-exist. They can.
10. I'm very opinionated. This blog is an outlet for those opinions.
11. I love to swim. Not the leisurely, sun bathing dip in the pool type pf swimming...but lap swimming. It's great exercise.
12. I don't drink much anymore---hardly ever--- but I love mojitos, gin and tonics, and cranberry and vodka with lime.
13. I was a vegetarian for a few years...a year leading up to my 1st pregnancy, the 9 months of the pregnancy, and for about a year after that. My daughter eats no meat. Won't go near it. I wonder if there is a connection?
14. My son eats anything and everything, which is what I ate when pregnant with him.
15. I am very conflicted over whether or not I want a 3rd kid.
16. I wish I lived someplace back east.
17. I love to read and play the guitar.
18. My guilty pleasure is trash TV.
19. I love my children and my friend's and family's children, but I have a general ambivalence toward most other children.
20. I'm 30!
21. I love blue cheese, balsamic vinegar, and pine nuts.
22. I find smoking to be one of the most disgusting habits and one of the biggest wastes of money.
23. I love my ob/gyn. I would like to be pregnant just to visit him. Does that make me weird?
24. I'm self-motivated and ambitious.
25. Steve Kerr, baby

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