Saturday, June 7, 2008

Losing Faith in Humankind

There were a few frustrating/discouraging experiences I had overall general stupidity and rudeness.
yesterday. I really am convinced we live in a world of decreasing intellect and
1. My kids have been sick for weeks now and I've been sick for about a week. That being said, I am a bit grouchy and totally exhausted. Being sick is hard enough, but having to take care of sick kids when you yourself are sick is downright cruel. Anyway, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday so my mom came over to watch the kids. After my appointment I went across the street to fill my perscriptions. My cell started ringing and it was my mom. I don't leave my kids much so I thought maybe something had happened or there was a problem. I answered the phone, but I have been having extensive problems with my phone and once again the piece of shit locked and so I said, "Can you hear me? Mom, can you hear me?" TWICE in a normal tone of voice. The man in front of me who was some type of delivery man to the pharmacy, real sarcastically said, "Yeah, I can hear ya." I responded by saying, "Oh, funny man." or something to that effect. He then turned around and said, "Well, you asked if I could hear you." To which I said, "You know I wasn't talking to you so you don't need to be an asshole." He then started shaking his hands at his side going, "whoaaa, hohoho." I finally just looked at him and said, "Look, I'm really not in the mood for this crap." The pharmacist stood there shocked, just staring. I locked eyes with the jerk until he walked away. I'm just not putting up with snide remarks anymore. People don't say things to your face, but rather snidely with the full intent of you hearing. If someone has something to say they need to say it to my face because I am done playing nice.
2. We went out to breakfast after the appointment. The waitress came to take our order. My daughter wanted the kids meal that came with pancakes and bacon. Only my daughter doesn't eat meat, so I told the waitress to hold the bacon but replace it with toast. She looked at me like I'd asked her to find a cure for cancer while granting world peace. She said, "Oh, I can't do that, but it you want you can get this.." and proceed to point out food from the adult menu that is much more expensive that includes 4 pancakes and then the choice of 2 sides, one of which she tells me can be toast. I just said, "no, I dont want that. My daughter doesn't eat meat. I want toast, but not bacon." She finally agreed but then had a chip on her shoulder. I was not rude or patronizing in the least. She practically threw the food on the table, never once came back to check on us or refill our drink and then once I asked for the check, kind of threw it at me. WHAT THE HELL? What is wrong with her? What happened to the customer is always right?
3. Insurance companies are tight-assed greedy bastards who have become worse these past 8 years since Jackass Bush has been in office. So, I have a history of migraines....have had them for years. Have been under a doctor's care for them for years. So, there is much documentation. They have gotten worse and a bit different lately, so I went to see the doctor a few weeks ago. He ran some preliminary blood tests, all of which came back normal. He then ordered a cat scan, which I found out yesterday my insurance company denied. The reason? I haven't been on medication/drugs for long enough. Here's the problem. My migraines got significantly worse when I got pregnant with my daughter. So, for the past 4 years I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding. No migraine medication is safe while pregnant or breastfeeding. I'm still breastfeeding. So, until I've been on medication for a while...they don't define when "a while" is they will not grant the cat scan. So, in the meantime I'll just have to wait it out as my doctor continues to submit the cat scan, hoping against hope, that they eventually approve it. Meanwhile I'll just sit here praying it's not a brain tumor, hemoragge, anyuerism, etc. that will kill me and take my two young children's mother away from them prematurely. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are in bed together. Ya think? Whose fault is that? Give ya a hint. It rhymes with tush, as in Our President is a pain the...

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