Friday, June 13, 2008

Should I be Offended?

I was at the store today with my daughter, who has a cute little bob haircut, when an older woman approaches and starts talking to her. My daughter is painfully shy, to the point where she'll bury her head and not respond. Anyway, this lady kept talking about her hair and how she had the same hair style when she was a youngster. I commented something to the effect that every little girl at some point has this hair style. She says, "Yeah, I think mothers just didn't know how to do little girl's hair in those days."

I'm sure her comment was harmless, but how am I supposed to take that? Is she insinuating that I don't know how to style my daughter's hair? There are limited options for a 2 year old whose hair is not very long yet (she's had 2 hair TRIMS in her almost 3 years of life. Her hair does not grow, I swear). I know I am probably overly sensitive, but it just struck a chord and I wanted to turn and beat the shit out of the 90 year old woman. I know, I know...there are laws against elderly abuse. Too bad!

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Jewel said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog:) So, I was reading through your random musings and found this. I too have a two year old with a short bob. I love it! See, we usually have bath time right before bed (like most families) and we usually have pancakes or cereal for breakfast (again like most families) and every morning my clean little girl would lean over and dip her hair in her food and go through the rest of the day with milk or syrup in her hair. She'd cry when I brushed it and she always looked like a little rag-a-muffin. So, the bob was perfect solution.

I'm sensitive also to other people's comments and so many seem to come from older women! I have tried lately to just say to myself "well she seems to be suffering from FNM disease" (foot in mouth).