Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Kids Crack Me Up

I noticed at dance class last week that in addition to my daughter’s tap and ballet shoes that were both more than a size too small, her leotard was looking mighty snug as well. So, we swapped tap shoes with my niece who was wearing ones that were too big and then I went out and bought my daughter new ballet shoes (nothing like having to buy all new gear when there is only two months left of class and she'll probably grow again before classes resume in August) and a couple of new leotards. We got home and she tried the new leotard on.

Me: Does it fit okay.
Her: Yeah, it fits. See?
Me: Yep, it does. Does it feel okay? Is it comfortable?
Her: Yeah, it’s comfortable. It feels much better in my crotch.
Me: Excellent

** To clarify, her old leotard was giving her a wedgie each time I put it on because she has grown about 3 inches since class started in August. So, she was constantly picking the leotard out of sensitive places. 


Joanne said...

Oh they grow like weeds when they're young! I had two girls, so at least a lot of the clothes we were able to get more use out of!

Nancy said...

Oh gotta love the comments kids come up with!
Is there some sort of "dance swap meet" for mothers to trade off shoes? That would be great!

Moxymama said...

Grow like weeds in completely accurate. There really should be a "dance swap meet" to trade off shoes. Maybe I'll suggest it. Thanks!