Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'll Tell Ya Mine; You Tell Me Yours

This weekend was pretty good. Very busy and not truly relaxing, but as a whole it was nice. My parents are both in town so we went up to their house on Friday evening for a family bbq. It was fun and the kids were really excited to see their grandpa (grandma too....they just don't see my dad as often as they see my mom). My grandmother came over as did one of my brothers, my sister, brother in law, and their four children.

Saturday my husband had to go into the office for a couple of hours so the kids and I played at home, went on a long walk picking flowers, and pretty much just relaxed. Saturday afternoon I went and got a pedicure. I took my daughter with and they were really great with her. They let her soak her feet and then painted and decorated her toenails and fingernails. She loved it so this may become a ritual...although I only get a pedicure about once a year, if that. We ran a bunch of "necessary evil"l errands like to get toothpaste, deodorant, and floss. Nothing really fun.

The big "deal" of the weekend was supposed to be Sunday. My grandmother wanted to take me, my daughter, my mom, my sister, and her two daughters out to brunch at this very fancy establishment here in town. It has been planned for months. This morning my daughter wakes up and looks horrible. She says she doesn't feel well so I spend the morning cuddling with her and giving her some sympathy. Right before I was going to go get us ready to leave she starts vomiting everywhere...all over me, herself, the blankets she was wrapped in, our carpet, our couch and cushions. EVERYWHERE. VIOLENT. PROJECTILE. VOMITING. I cleaned her up, cleaned the house up, cleaned myself up and needless to say left my daughter home with my husband, which was disappointing. She really wanted to come and I really wanted her there. By the time I got home a few hours later she seemed a bit better, so hopefully it is nothing serious (like the swine flu..I say that only partly kidding) and something she'll recover from quickly.

So, this evening we are taking it easy. Like I said, it was a busy but nice weekend. Tell me what was on your agenda for the weekend? Anyone reading a good book right now?


Joanne said...

Weather here on east coast was actually a little bit of summer in April - temps made it into the high
80s. So a little yardwork, and hauling out summer clothes, packing away the winter stuff, getting ready for the warm weather. Sorry about your daughter, hope she's feeling better! I've been seeing news reports on the swing flu, some suggest it's bad, others (Diane Sawyer) question if it is so bad, why aren't the borders closed?

Joanne said...

*swine flu. Monday spelling is not too good.

Nancy said...

we spent the weekend at our cabin. No stove, refridge, or kitchen water but we worked around it!
The weather was high 80s - absolutely gorgeous. Saturday was spent cleaning and putting everything from the kitchen back in place. Sunday I took a long walk around the lake and in the afternoon a kayak ride (worked those legs in the a.m. and arms in the p.m.!).
Son was at Spring Weekend at UConn but bless his heart, he sent me a text message every morning to let me know he survived the night before.
I just finished reading "A Lesson Before Dying" by Ernest J. Gaines. It was an Oprah Book Club book I don't know how long ago and it was really touching.
I'm now reading "No Angel" by Penny Vincenzi which takes place in England starting in 1900. Thick book but finding it hard to put down.
Oh! I hope your daughter is feeling better!