Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby's First Haircut

My son has, or I should say had, shaggy, curly hair. I loved it. However, it seemed to stop growing. So, my husband and I decided we would have it all cut off in the hopes it would grow back faster, longer, and curlier (fingers crossed).

So, today he got his first haircut. He did a great job, sat in the chair, followed the hairdresser's directions, and came away looking like a little man. He is very proud of his haircut as he walks around saying, "Like daddy."

As she was using the trimmers I was furiously picking up every curly lock that fell to the ground. I didn't realize just how much hair he really had because it never really looked like he had much (I think because it is so blonde).

Anyway, I am pleased, he loves it and as I type this we are awaiting my husband's arrival for the final seal of approval.


Nancy said...

I have locks of Cody's hair somewhere in this house! heck I have my OWN hair from when I was little little and had all my beautiful hair chopped off!
I'm glad he enjoyed it, my son never had a problem going to the barber.

Joanne said...

Another rite of passage! They're fun, aren't they? Sounds like he did good; sometimes you see the little kids really squirming in that chair!