Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Daughter: The Defender

There are instances in every parent's life when words don't ever really adequately express the pride we feel for our children. This weekend was one of those times.

Our daughter is super considerate of others. She doesn't tease or make fun of other kids. She's really concerned about how others feel and if they are happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, that same courtesy doesn't often extend to her younger brother. She varies between the extreme of demonstrating all the above characteristics and then picking on him relentlessly. However, after this weekend I never have to worry about how she truly feels about her bro.

We attended a Healthy Kids Day Event at our local YMCA. There were games and activities and booths with, you guessed it, healthy snacks. We were in line at one of the booths and a girl about 3 or 4 years of age was trying to push her way through to reach her mom (who was ahead of me in line) and in the process shoved our son down. He was hysterical, more because his feelings were hurt than he really was. The child's parents immediately scolded their daughter, told her to apologize, and then they apologized to us. It was not a big deal and frankly we were impressed that the other parents responded so thoroughly. (Many don't). End of issue.

As we start walking away we realized our daughter is not behind us. I look back and there she is, standing cross armed, saying something to the little front of the little girl's parents,who were also listening and appeared as if they were trying not to smile. I asked the other mother what she was doing and she replied (incredibly impressed) "She's defending him."

Apparently, she had gone back and told the little girl, "You cannot be pushing my brother. That is not nice. You must apologize!"

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Joanne said...

That sibling bond runs very deep ... good for her!