Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

There are days when I look at my kids and can hardly believe that the time has gone by so quickly. I still envision my daughter as a baby in so many ways, despite the fact that she will be four in 3 months, but going on 16. She's smart, precocious, caring, sensitive, inquisitive...and the list goes on. Sometimes I look at her and think, "Where did this amazing child come from." It's a bit sad though because I know the days of her childhood are limited; she's only getting older and while I love each new stage I often find myself missing the days since passed.

This same phenomenon has begun happening with my son. All of a sudden he's talking so much more, understands everything, is such a big helper, and very clearly not a little baby despite the fact that in many ways he still is. He'll cuddle like a baby, he's sensitive, and he still very much needs and wants his mommy at all times...and I love that.

I love watching as my daughter and son gain their independence, but with that comes the sad realization that some day they won't need or rely on me. I guess that is the ultimate goal. I was watching them tonight at my nephew's birthday party. Here they were playing games, using their imaginations, and oblivious to anything or anyone else around them. In that moment I flashed ahead to their school years, their teenage years, their young adult years trying to envision what they will be like. I have no doubt about the type of solid people they will become but I just wish I could slow the time down and have them remain my babies for just a little bit longer.

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Joanne said...

There is a poignancy with each passing stage, but the funny thing, I've found, is that I pretty much love even more whatever stage they're currently in. Like now, my daughters are dear friends of mine and we do so much together, all as adults with a long history behind us. It makes for a rich relationship. It'll be interesting to see if you feel the same as time goes on.