Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lottery

The other day I went to the mall in an attempt to take my kids to the movies. We were meeting my grandmother and got there a little before she did. While we were waiting I put some money into one of those machines where you drop the claw, try to grab a toy, and then bring it back to the chute to collect. I NEVER win anything out of them, but I figured it was worth the try. First attempt: score! A huge water, glitter ball. Second attempt for another? No luck. I then went to a different machine to try to get one of those huge, spongy balls. Score. Two for three ain't bad.

Fourth attempt I end up grabbing two stuffed animals and bringing them both back for collection. I tried for one more stuffed animal, but failed. Seriously, in all my life I don't think combined I have ever won four prizes from these games. I was feeling pretty good.

We then tried to see the movie, which when trying to purchase tickets, we were told that the particular showing we wanted to see was a private viewing for a school. I pointed out that the time was listed in both the paper and online and what a major inconvenience it was for us to come back (not entirely true, but once you have kids stoked to see a movie it is hard to explain that they can't see it). Anyway, I walked away with 4 movie passes for any movies we want to see.

In all seriousness this much good fortune just does not happen to us, me specifically, very often. And when it does it is rarely on the same day...or even during the same year for that matter. Since we couldn't see the movie we went to order lunch. They ended up giving us an extra drink, which I pointed out, but gave to us anyway. Nothing major but my grandmother was thrilled to have an extra one to take home for later.

So, I was feeling pretty good. I called my husband and told him. He was pretty surprised since usually I am calling to tell him how I lost my cell phone, or had to wait forever behind some idiot somewhere, or was tripped by an old man in a wheelchair. Things like that. He suggested I go buy some lottery tickets after my daughter's dance class. So, that was the plan....until my son fell on his head and a trip to the ER took precedent over a trip to my local convenient store.

Now, I am pretty convinced my string of good luck is over and am hesitant to waste my money on lottery tickets. I am thinking that yesterday was the day and I missed my chance. :) Bummer.


Nancy said...

That was nice run of luck you had! I told my husband we need to start playing the lottery because I'm so fed up with so many things right now - but especially trying to make a living in the remodel business!
I hope your son is doing ok.

Joanne said...

The way these states market lottery tickets, I'm surprised they don't sell them in the hospitals too! And those claw machines - okay, my daughter is in college, but we still never pass one by without trying! Brings out the kid in us :)

Moxymama said...

Nancy, I agree. The housing market and all professions associated with that seem to be struggling right now. We are friends with a major custom home builder here in town and they are actually looking at moving out of state because they just can't attract the clients right now. I'll be praying you hit the jackpot. :)
Joanne, I love those machines too. Do you guys win things usually?

Joanne said...

We win just often enough to hook us into coming back to them.