Friday, December 12, 2008

The Year of the Goat

When my husband and I first met he had one of those terrorist looking goatees. You know the kind I mean. It was big and bushy and hung down way past his chin. It was sexy. Really. It was. Shortly thereafter he grew a beard (which he did every winter), but kept it neatly trimmed. Every spring he'd shave off the beard and then keep a closely trimmed goatee. I loved it. I think facial hair done appropriately is sexy and I particularly like it on my husband. He looks so much more rugged and manly as opposed to when he is clean-shaven.

Then, almost three years ago, he took a job where he was not allowed facial hair except for a mustache. My husband is able to pull off many looks when it comes to facial hair; he is a facial hair chameleon...beards, goatees, sideburns, a variety of patterns in between. However, he cannot pull off a mustache. He looks like an 80's porn star or a highway patrol man from Super Troopers. Neither is attractive. So, he has spent the past three years clean shaven and while I have gotten used to it, I have long missed the days of my sexy, rugged man.

Well, those days are back. "The goat" (as my husband calls his goatee) is making its return. He has a great new job (thankfully) and they have no facial hair restrictions. Imagine my bliss. It's a bit sad that something like the return of facial hair (his, not mine...haha) can truly make my week, but it does.

So, what's your preference? Ladies, do you like your men clean shaven, hairy, somewhere in between? And you prefer to be clean shaven or sport some type of facial hair?


Nancy said...

Oh! Clean shaven most def! My husband used to grow a mustache in the winter which I would routinely complain about (and then not notice he shaved it off for like 1/2 a day!). I think the last time he started to grow one he realized it was coming in all gray so he decided it wasn't worth it!
He looks (to me) kind of mean and unapproachable with the mustache which I don't think is very good for business. Without it people STARE at him I think wondering if he is Ed Harris. Seriously, people always come up to him and tell him "do you know you look like that actor? that one in Apollo 13?" to which we always say "yeah we know, Ed Harris. You're not the first one to notice".

Joanne said...

Congrats on your husband's new job, good news is always nice to read! Imagine a goat being a fringe benefit! Myself, I prefer somewhere in between.

Moxymama said...

Nancy, Ed Harris is one sexy beast! I agree that mustaches are a bit "rough" looking.

Joanne, Thanks! He's glad to be back in a more secure job.

Emerald said...

I do not care for goats or beards and especially when they turn gray. I do like well trimmed mustache's, though.