Friday, December 19, 2008

My Son and His Dinosaur Obsession

Our son is really into dinosaurs, trains, and most recently airplanes. The dinosaur fascination started when my mom showed him this huge dinosaur in Target a few months ago that you could operate with a remote control. It would stand up on its hind legs and roar its loudest, meanest roar. My son loved it. He began walking around the house putting his hand up like he was on his hind end and roaring at anyone who would listen.

A few days ago I busted out some new "winter" pajamas that I had bought him a while ago, that ironically enough have dinosaurs on them. He loves the pajamas. He walks around the house roaring and showing everyone his sleeves and pant legs. This morning when I tried to get him dressed he ran off crying, dug his dirty pj's out of the hamper and brought them to me in tears, yet still trying to roar through the crying. Since we were staying home I put him back in his pj's.

Later in the evening, after giving him a bath, I went to put him in clean pj's. He screamed and kept trying to take his pajamas off. He kept going after his dirty dinosaur pajamas. Apparently, I should have just bought many pairs of the same pajamas and he could wear the "same" ones every night. Who knew?

Anyone else's kid have any odd obsessions?

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Joanne said...

Ooh, I hope Santa is bringing him some dinosaur toys!! Dinosaurs are so popular with the kids. I can't think of any obsessions my kids had, offhand. One did like to set up plastic animals in the living room bay window and play for hours, bringing them all to life there. It was cute.