Thursday, December 25, 2008

And It's Over Just Like That

It's no secret that I love Christmas. There's always such a let down after it is all over because I know I have to wait a full year until this time of year swings around again. We had a really great couple of days leading up to all of today's festivities.

My brother and his wife arrived from Wisconsin on Tuesday around the same time we arrived back from Phoenix. We were able to spend some time with them Tuesday evening, which was nice because my daughter has been really excited to see them. Christmas Eve we got to just hang out and relax. My husband took our son to run some errands so it gave me and our daughter some time alone, which was greatly appreciated by our daughter. That evening we attended church with my parents, other brother, and grandmother. The kids were perfect, which made things much more enjoyable.

Christmas morning the kids woke up and of course wanted to open presents. It's so funny because when I was a kid I have memories of tearing into presents at record speed. My daughter is very meticulous and opens each present carefully. She then admires it, plays with it, carefully puts it aside before moving on to the next gift. Because of that it took almost an hour to open their presents (could have easily been done in ten). It was great though. We then headed over to my parents, where my sister, her husband, their four kids, grandmother, uncle, both brothers, and sister-in-law arrived. We had a great time watching the kids open and play with more presents. We ate, drank, talked, and laughed. It was a good day.

The only down side is that both kids have been pretty sick and our son has taken a pretty bad turn for the worse today. We are praying he makes it through the night and we can get him (and our daughter) in to see the doctor in the morning. If not, it looks like we'll be making a nice Christmas trip to the ER. The timing could not be worse.

Anyway, tell me about your holiday? How was it? What did you do?


Nancy said...

OMG Moxy - I hope your son is ok! Is it still from the immunizations? or from when he was hospitalized in Feb?
I'm glad you had a good christmas though - we've always taken our time opening presents because it does go by so fast! We even open our stocking gifts one by one (they're all wrapped of course!).
Keep us posted and I'll be praying for all of you.

Moxymama said...

THanks for the prayers. It was a rough night. I'm trying to get a hold of his doctor now to see what to do. It's respiratory issues related to his Feb. hospital visit, unfortunately which always worries me. Hopefully it is not as serious this time around. I'll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!!!!

TJ said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am sorry your kids are ill. WE didn't travel this year for that very reason. We always pick something up traveling up north. Nothing is worse than sick kids in the car!


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