Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let the Christmas Parties Begin

We attended a Christmas party hosted by a local publishing company last night. In Arizona, Mariachi bands are a huge deal and so accordingly the entertainment was a Mariachi band consisting of 1st through 5th graders. My daughter was mezmerized. She sat there listening intently for the entire performance, which lasted quite a long time.
There was plenty of food (catered by a popular Mexican restaurant here in town, of course), beer, and margaritas, and prickly pear punch for the kids. Does it get any better? One of the cool parts was the fact that they opened their warehouse and let people peruse the books and buy them if they felt so inclined. When we walked in my daughter asked me, "Mommy is this Costco?" The owner heard and said, "Well, it's like a Costco for books."
We got some great books for the kids and it was a night well spent. Anyone else started attending the obligatory Christmas parties yet, either for business or pleasure?


Nancy said...

This weekend is our Christmas party at the building my husband and friend/plumber own and run their respective businesses out of.
Saturday is our annual Christmas dinner with four couples who went to college together (my brother-in-law's suite mates) who included us about 8 years ago and we've become good friends with all of them.
Next weekend I'll be hosting our family party as we slide into Christmas.

Moxymama said...

Sounds like you are loaded with Christmas parties for a while. Fun!!!