Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Dilapidated Gingerbread House and My Pretty Sugar Cookies

A few months ago I bought a Gingerbread House Kit for my daughter and I to put together. I forgot about it until my husband reminded me of it this morning. So, my daughter and I set out to make the ultimate Gingerbread House. What I didn't factor into the equation was my son. He simply wanted to help, but at 18 months isn't the most gentle. Also, as my daughter was using the candy to decorate the house and the walk way and the trees my son was grabbing the candy and eating it. To complicate matters I broke the tree, thus requiring me to try to glue it back together in four different pieces and then still praying it would stand upright upon completion (it did; the mission was successful). We finally had it all done and ready to move when my son came and smacked his huge hand down on the roof splitting it in two. That also was fixed hours later as I glued it back together, let it sit, and then remounted it back on the top of the house. So, it's put together completely, but it is a rundown looking gingerbread house.

Later this evening I was talking with my husband and I used the term "dilapidated". My daughter asked what it meant. I explained the meaning to her and finished with, "so when something is beat up looking or run down." She said, "Like our gingerbread house?" Yes, exactly like that!

On a brighter note I made sugar cookies tonight, had my daughter use cookie cutters to shape them, and then also had her decorate them. They turned out very tasty and very pretty looking as well. So one out of two ain't bad, my friends.

Anyone else started baking? How goes it for you?


Nancy said...

No holiday baking for me never did, never probably will.
I got a real good laugh out of the gingerbread house story!

Joanne said...

Hm, I think you really need to have your own sit-com, with this one being your Christmas episode! I could just picture it! As for baking, I'm with Nancy. I'm just not much of a cook, so no cookies and such are made in my kitchen for the holidays. :(

Robyn said...

I made 6 loaves of choco-chip banana bread yesterday (for gifts). Bear peels the bananas for me and he SO wants to help (that's about all he can do without causing mass chaos and destruction). I DO want to get going on some cookies that he can put sprinkles or chips on. Just need to find the time...!