Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here is what I needed to do today:
1. A load of laundry that consisted of clothes I need to pack for our weekend getaway.
2. Actually pack for both kids and myself (who are we husband too) for said getaway.
3. Clean car to make room for all that is required to come along.
4. Go to Target to get kids mittens and son diapers.
5. Clean the stove
6. Organize my home office
7. Return library books

Here is what got done today:
1. I went to Target and got my daughter mittens and my son diapers. My son still needs mittens.
2. I returned 3 of the 6 library books. Forgot the other three at home. Huh? Not sure how that happened.
3. I did a load of my husband's work clothes, none of which are needed for our trip.

Apparently, very little of what I needed to do today got done. Tomorrow is jam packed so next to nothing will get done then so apparently it will all be crammed in Friday. It will get done; it always does....just something to stress about.


Nancy said...

Hey! this weekend is your Christmas train ride isn't it? Have a great time and I hope there's snow for the kids!
I hope your son is feeling better from his shots - that must be tough on all of you because of his reactions to them.

Joanne said...

I find when time gets away from me like that, I have to sit down and make a list. Of everything! It helps to at least see it organized as I plow through it. Have a wonderful weekend getaway!