Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where I Rethink the Wisdom of Giving a Two Year Old Golf Clubs

I really wanted to get my son golf clubs for Christmas. He'll be 2 1/2 then and I thought it would be cute for him to be able to go to the driving range with my husband. He has a little plastic set that he plays with and is pretty coordinated. So, I've been looking around and pricing clubs, not wanting to spend too much since I am figuring he won't stay his cute 2 1/2 sized self for long.

Then suddenly, as if the gods could sense the disaster I was about to create, he started using everything as a weapon....and I mean everything. His Nerf bat, his utensils, the mop, the broom, his plastic picker upper, his plastic hammer, his rake and shovel. The list really could go on for days. He chases his sister down and hits her with these things...sometimes out of anger, other times just for fun.

All this hitting has made me reconsider the golf club idea. Somehow I just don't see any good coming from his holy hellion self being in possession of something much heavier and more capable of inflicting injury to members of his family. Now I need a new idea for Christmas and a new sport for which to groom him. Any suggestions?

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