Saturday, August 1, 2009

When I Think About You I Touch Myself or Something Like That

We went out for lunch today and my son was sitting next to me in the booth. In typical fashion he cannot sit still so he is climbing on me, leaning on me, pulling on me, and altogether just constantly touching me. I'm fairly used to it but it started to drive me crazy as I was trying to eat. So, I told him to sit down and just not touch me. My daughter, very loudly, says, "Hey, you can just sit there and touch yourself." My husband and I glance at each other as she continues, "Mommy, you can touch yourself too and daddy you can go and touch yourself too, but you can't touch mommy or my brother. You all can just go and touch yourselves."

It gave the waitress and the older couple at the table next to ours a good laugh.

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Johnson and Johnson said...

That's a good one... made me laugh!