Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

My daughter has been in her new dance class for 3 weeks now and each week we (all the other parents and grandparents) sit in the lobby, which is fairly small, and wait for the class to end. One particular girl is brought to class by her grandmother each week. This grandmother, for whatever reason, feels that the 45 minutes she waits is the perfect time for her to make a phone call to her gossip buddy and talk the entire time about things none of the rest of us care to hear.

For example, in the past three weeks I have learned the following:

- she has a high school aged grandson who is very troubled and who she feels no one understands but her
- Whether I am watching my daughter dance or not, I, along with every other person in the lobby and the person she is on the phone with, gets a play by play of what is going on during the dance class. "Oh, they are jumping now. Oh, wait now they are changing into their tap shoes. Oh, oh wait now they are all standing in a circle."
- I have learned the eating habits of all her grandchildren, how many snacks they receive during the day, how their food is prepared, and the like
-Apparently, one grandchild will only eat Annie's organic mac and cheese but she "fancies it up" with broccoli. Another only eats grapes, pretzels, and Doritos.
- Her daughter in law also seems to be the brunt of much criticism. She begins many sentences with "And I said..." and then proceeds to loudly inform the person on the other end of the phone what she told her daughter in law and it is usually something critical.
- And today I learned that she thinks either her daughter in law or one of her grand daughters is way too chubby. I couldn't tell which one she was talking about. Apparently, she is going to send a video to her friend, which she has already posted on YouTube, that shows how chubby this person is because all she eats is Italian bread sticks. If you happen to see this video, she is the one on the far right....the chubby one.

Bottom line is that I'm sick of sitting there and listening to her talk. She talks way too loudly and frankly it is too much information. I can envision myself in the near future just losing it and screaming at her to take her conversation outside. I'm privately hoping one of the other moms does it first. I don't know why certain people feel it totally appropriate to have LONG and LOUD conversations in a public setting.

Am I the only one that feels this way?


Nancy said...

Ugh - some people just don't have a clue!! Why is that?
the only people I answer my phone to in public is my son or husband and then when I talk I practically whisper because I don't want people to hear me!
Can you maybe ask the person in charge to say something to her privately? Just something like take the conversation outside?

Robyn said...

That is EXACTLY the same thing I've been put through every day this week by a temp we have who is sitting outside my door!

Me getting up and shutting my door (I'm not rude enough to slam), didn't slow her down ONE bit. I can't freaking stand it!!!

How many more weeks is this class???

Moxymama said...

Nancy, I may have to resort to complaining about her. I'm just hoping someone else does it first. :) i'm like you. I rarely answer my phone in public and if I do I either leave to go outside or totally whisper and keep it short. Etiquette, people.
Robyn, that is least I only had to put up with it for 45 minutes. All day long would have done me in. Sadly, this class doesn't end until MAY!!!!