Sunday, August 23, 2009


Some friends of ours are heading home with their new baby this weekend. I was looking at pictures of him on the computer when my children walked in and asked whose baby it was. I began telling them when my daughter interrupted asking whether or not I was going to have another baby. (Let's just say it was a very rough adjustment for her bringing her younger brother home, so I don't think she was asking in hopeful anticipation of another sibling). I responded by asking them if they wanted another brother or sister. Before my daughter could answer my two year old son adamantly said, "No, I'm mama's baby. Bad new baby."

This led to the conversation about how they could help with a new baby. My daughter asked, "Would this baby live here with us?" I said, "Of course he/she would." My son started shaking his head furiously chanting, "No, no, no, no" while my daughter thought for a moment and said, "Can't the baby just go live with grandma instead?"

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