Monday, August 10, 2009

Chatty Chad

Our 26 month old son talks pretty well for his age. He has a pretty vast vocabulary, thanks in part to his ridiculously verbal older sister, and he strings together six to ten word sentences like a pro. While he has been talking for a while, the quantity and duration has greatly increased in the past few months. One of the things he is now obsessed with is talking on the phone. He wants to call my husband at work, his grandmother on both the phone and Skype and his great-grandmother at home as well.

Most of the time I indulge him, he'll talk for a few minutes, lose interest, and then think it is hilarious to hang up on whoever he is talking to. Today, however, he was upset and wanted to call his grandma. So, I dialed, gave him the phone, and then continued putting laundry away. I could hear him talking for a couple of minutes and went in the room a couple of times to tell him to say goodbye. Each time he said no and went back to talking. I finally got tired of waiting and went into the other room.

Twenty minutes later he brought the phone in to me. According to my mom, he talked to her the entire time, telling her about why he was upset (I hurt his feelings), what he did today (went to the gym and played), and a variety of other things going on in his world. Such a crack up.

I figured when my daughter reaches a certain age the phone will become permanently attached to the side of her head. What I didn't count on is that the same scenario is now a distinct possibility for my son.

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