Friday, October 24, 2008

Why The World Needs Women

A few nights ago I was making chicken for dinner. On nights when I make a meal with meat I always make some type of side dish that would constitute an actual meal for my daughter who does not eat any meat. I was interrupted in middle of cooking by our inconsolable son and asked my husband to finish while I went to take care of our son (who was very ill). "Finishing up" included making something for our daughter to eat.

When I came back downstairs they had already sat down to dinner and were eating. My daughter was eating ice cream. ICE CREAM. FOR DINNER. I looked at my husband like, "What the H?". He says, "Well, mac and cheese would have taken too long, so we went with ice cream." I said nothing at the time, but our daughter knew that ice cream for dinner would never fly with me. She looked at my husband and said, "Daddy, you should have never let me have ice cream for dinner."


Nancy said...

Too funny! I guess sometimes it's not too bad!

Gena B. said...

Very funny. My husband let our daughter eat gummy worms and coke for dinner one night when she was 2!!!

Robyn said...

THAT -- was hysterical! And would totally happen in my house.