Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Need of Some Peace

My daughter has been a bit frustrated with her brother lately. While she is usually pretty good about playing with him and sharing her toys, lately it has bothered her that he always seems to be in the way. Part of that is he has his own ideas about how he wants to play with the toys and those are vastly different from the ideas my daughter has about how to appropriately play with those same toys. She likes to have some time to herself where she will read or draw or just play with her toys. However, her brother ALWAYS wants to play with her and do exactly what she is doing and he doesn't understand why she doesn't want him to. We had the following conversation yesterday.
Me: Sweetheart, are you okay?
Her: I just need some peace (she said exasperated)
Me: You do? What's the matter?
Her: My brother. He is driving me crazy. I need some peace from him.
Me: Well, what would you like to do?
Her: Take me to old grandma's* and leave me there so I can have some peace for a while.
Me: You want me to drop you off there for a while and I'll take your brother and go do something else?
Her: Yes, I need to get some peace.
Me: Okay

* Old grandma is my grandmother. My daughter has called her that since she could talk as opposed to my mother who is either grandma or new grandma.


Nancy said...

She just needs some alone time. "Old grandma" - I love it! How does your grandmother feel about it?!

Moxymama said...

Hi Nancy, yeah she does need alone time. It's nice when my husband is home because she and I are then able to go and do things without the constant interruption of her brother.
I think "old grandma" has grown on my grandmother. It's something specific just to her and used as a term of endearment with my daughter. I think it's a crack up.

Emerald said...

Old grandma to the rescue. Very sweet.

Slendarella said...

Wow - I never thought, as a child, to ask my mother for some 'peace' from my little sister. You must have a wonderful relationship with her! Lovely!