Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aisle Blocking Jerks

Why is it that people at the grocery store feel completely entitled to block half the aisle with their shopping cart and the other half with their ass? I just can't get over it. When I am shopping, usually with both kids in tow, I am overly cognizant of how much room we are taking up and constantly making sure we are not blocking the pathway of anyone who may want to get by. Apparently I am one of the few actually aware that other people do shop in the store.

Today's experience was especially frustrating as it seemed every "aisle blocker" was out in force. The first "run in" was with two ladies, shopping side by side who decided to stop in middle of the aisle and argue about which brand was better. In so doing they blocked the entire aisle. When I said, "Excuse me, we need to pass" both looked at me as if I had just finished smoking something.

Then at the same store we went to pay. This lady who was in the line next to us, stepped across into our line at the exact moment my husband was pushing the cart up to the conveyer. She just stood there, looking through magazines, with her leg back in her aisle, so as to not lose her place and her body blocking our way. She said nothing, but stood there for a good 2-3 minutes. My husband said "excuse me" and still she stood. He then tapped her foot with the cart while again saying, "excuse me" at which point she moved, never once saying "Excuse me" or "Sorry" but making sure she gave us her dirtiest of looks.

I realize we are living in an increasingly rude and inconsiderate society. Courtesies and behavior that was once commonplace is now the exception more than it is the rule. However, there are certain courtesies and behavior that should be standard practice, especially while in public. The ironic thing is that most of the offenders are the older generations; the same ones who constantly bemoan the state of today's youth. Just from my personal experience it is the younger teens who more often than not hold the door open for me when pushing a stroller as opposed to the grandmotherly or grandfatherly looking folks who usually let it slam in my face.


Emerald said...

I feel your frustration. Some people honestly are zoned in to label reading and apologize as soon as they realize they are an "isle blocker." Many are militant about their "isle blocker" rights. I usually just smile while saying,"Excuse me. Rules of the road apply here."

Nancy said...

I KNOW - I think the same thing everytime I go grocery shopping! Do some people NOT have a clue that they are blocking people in the aisle? I'm always so aware of how much space I'm taking up and will move my carriage halfway down the aisle so I'm not in anyone's way. Every week I'm saying "excuse me! may I get by?"
And yes, I find the same thing that it tends to be older people who are the rudest. Also, the only person who's cut me off on my scooter in like 2 years was an older woman who clearly saw me.

Robyn said...

I hear you. I actually got something akin to road rage last night at the grocery store!!! And all of the offenders were there by themselves, while I'm toting Bear around (at 7:00 at night), trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.


Joanne said...

I don't know why, but I see more of this too. There's an air of inconsiderate-ness out there for some reason. I just try to rise above it and stick to my manners. Maybe it'll rub off on some people?

Moxymama said...

Emerald and Nancy, I agree that some people are unaware and they are usually very apologetic. It's the ones that feel they have some God-ordained right to block the aisle that I want to strangle. I don't know how some (us) can be so aware and there are others that have no clue.
As with Robyn I have a similar reaction to road rage where I want to just scream or ram them with my cart. Would that be wrong?
JoAnne, I agree that sticking to our manners is the best way. Unfortunately, that is often times met with even more rudeness. What can you do though?

Gena B. said...

I know, right?