Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Kid's On Fire

When our son was 8 months old he was hospitalized with RSV and Bronchiolitis. It was a horrible week with him hooked up to oxygen, pulse monitors, and the like. I stayed in the hospital with him while my mom and husband alternated caring for our then 2 year old daughter. It was a very upsetting experience (compounded by the fact that my brother almost died from a similar respiratory problem when he was close in age to my son at that time).

Because of this experience whenever our son gets sick I worry a bit more than I normally would. He unfortunately seems to have been cursed with my inferior immune system, so when he gets sick he gets hit really hard. Two days ago he came down with a 102 degree fever. While that's high, I wasn't overly worried. Aside from the fever and a runny nose he didn't have many other symptoms. By Tuesday morning he was beside himself, crying, whining, staggering around. His fever had risen to 103. We dosed him with tylenol and ibprofen as often as we could, put washcloths on his neck, under his armpits, and on his groin to try to cool him down and otherwise just tried to wait it out.

By last night, he was on fire. I took his temp. and it was 104.5. By this time I'm really nervous, worrying about a potential febrile seizure. It's 11 pm and both our doctor and urgent care are closed, leaving the ER our only option if it came to that. Fortunately, it did not.

Long story short, I was up with him until 3 am trying to bring his fever down. The lowest it went was 102.7, which is certainly more manageable than 104.5. He is still sick today but his fever is only 102.3 so I am hoping he is on the mend.


Robyn said...

Poor baby! And mommy, too, of course.

I hope he's on the road to recovery -- there are some nasty bugs going around right now.

Nancy said...

Oh I remember how scary those high temps can be!!
I hope he's feeling better and you are feeling a little better too.

Emerald said...

I hope sweet baby boy is feeling better today.