Monday, October 6, 2008

Ramblings from the Weekend

Last week just seemed to fly by. In fact, I was really surprised when the weekend came as soon as it did. Usually, I have a sense that the week drags on and is neverending. We had a pretty healthy balance of planned events and time for relaxation, which was nice.

The kids got their flu shots on Friday and while my daughter rarely has reactions to any type of shots, my son has a history of horrible and severe reactions to almost every shot he has received. Fortunately, they did not react badly but both did get fevers and were out of sorts for most of Friday. My daughter was fine by the evening, but my son's "funk" seemed to last through most of Saturday as well.

My husband worked Saturday so the kids and I just spent the day at home, mostly reading and playing with puzzles, princess barbies, and trucks. Saturday night we attended my nephew's 1st birthday party. He is the youngest of four and only a few months younger than my son. My youngest niece is only a few months younger than my daughter so they had a great time playing with dolls, dancing with grandma, and having a tea party with grandpa all evening long. Prior to getting to the party my daughter wanted to make sure that the birthday boy was going to share his cake, which I assured her that he would. Once that seemed to be settled she was ready to p-a-r-t-y!

Sunday was so gorgeous outside we spent quite a bit of time playing in the yard with the kids. My husband and I also managed to find time to clean the house. We had our house up for sale for a year so I got used to keeping it really clean and clutter-free. Now, that the house is off the market I can't seem to break that habit of wanting it spotless. I also gutted my Pathfinder. We are considering getting rid of it and getting something more fuel efficient, so the less junk I'm hauling around the better.

We were supposed to attend an NFL game Sunday afternoon that my husband won tickets for from work. I'm not a huge football fan, but the tickets were skybox and it seemed like it might be okay. However, he ended up giving the tickets away after he figured it would almost be more hassle with the kids than it was worth and we decided to stay home instead. I'm really glad we did. The game would have been an all day affair that would have taken until mid-week to recover from.

So, here begins another week. The kids and I went and checked out a new library in town today. It was really small, much smaller than our usual but it served our purposes fine. Both kids left with a few books each and returning them next week will be a good excuse to check it out a bit more closely.

So tell me how your weekend was? What activities filled up your days and what do you have on the agenda for the week?


Nancy said...

As you know, my son came home on Thursday for the weekend - he went out on Friday night, I did a little shopping with him on Saturday and after I brought him back to school husband and I went to the town's annual food and music event.

Joanne said...

I'm immersed in a revision of my manuscript, so other than the necessary things like cooking, laundry, etc., I'm busy writing. My kids are much older than yours though, and self-sufficient! And I can't help but steal some time outside in this beautiful fall weather.

Emerald said...

The weather has cooled and taking brief walks was the extent of any fun activities. I did accomplish getting the laundry done and the house cleaned. I also read a couple of chapters in "Write It When I Am Gone" which you recommended.

Moxymama said...

Sounds like you all are busy and enjoying the nice fall weather! Hope you ladies have a nice week.

Gena B. said...

We spent all weekend in bed because both me and our daughter were sick. We are better but now my husband is sick.