Monday, October 27, 2008

Shoes for The Boy

I really like See Kai Run shoes for my son because they are one of the few brands that seem made especially for chubby feet. The problem is they are so expensive (retail at $36-$50). A few months ago I got these on Amazon for $25 and free shipping. Based on a tip from my sister I got these Stride Rite shoes at Ross for my son. They were originally $48, but at Ross they were $13.99.
These are another Amazon purchase. They are also by See Kai Run and while they are not the "coolest" shoes, I love the orange and they were marked down to $12.99 plus free shipping.

What are some of your favorite brands of children's shoes? Where do you have the best luck finding reasonably priced shoes?


Joanne said...

Back in the day when my kids were toddlers, it was always Stride-Rite. They were a little more money, but they say for developing feet, etc, to put good shoes on them, and Stride-Rite seemed to fit the bill.

Gena B. said...

Cute shoes! I love the See Kai Run ones. We usually buy Stride Rite. Don't want cheap shoes on growing feet.