Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Children Don't Name Siblings

My sister is halfway through another pregnancy and the sudden topic of babies, surprisingly has my daughter begging for another brother or sister. This is a complete turn around as for most of her life she has been pretty adamant about not wanting another baby in this house. She insists she'll help rock it, change its diapers, take care of it, etc. Which, truthfully, she probably would.

Yesterday I was telling her what my sister was going to name the baby. Her response to the girl's name? "Ooh, no I do not like that name at all." Her response to the boy's name? "Oh, I like that name." She then shared her ideas for what I could name a baby when we have another one. Her girl's idea is Sunshine Flower (uh, not thinking so). For a boy she is torn between Sebastian and Otis.

I seriously have no clue where she came up with these and she'll probably be upset if we don't use them. (I actually like Sebastian, but my husband says no way). While she and her brother both have "unique" names they aren't strange or out there or wholly uncommon, although my daughter's is a traditional Irish name and not as popular here, so I am not entirely sure where some of these "different" names originated from.

So, what do you think? Could you imagine calling your child Sunshine Flower or Otis?


Joanne said...

No, I just couldn't saddle a child with dealing with that. Even though there's a certain individuality to some names, life can be tough enough, esp when you're a child making your way. I vote no.

Moxymama said...

Totally agree. Have you ever read Freakanomics? I read it a few years back before we had kids and the info presented in there about the importance of names in even getting a job interview has always stuck with me.