Monday, November 9, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of the best things about being a parent is listening to all of the funny, crazy, outlandish things kids say. In lieu of an actual post today I'll share with you a couple of things my kids have said lately that have made me laugh.

My daughter, 4 years old, says, "Mommy you are beautiful, but you stink." (In my defense I was on my way to the shower as she said that).

My son, 2 years old, was chasing me around the house whacking my backside. I said, "Why are you hitting mommy?" He replies, "Cuz, I'm a boy."

I am so frustrated with our dog that the other day I said, "I just want to give rid of that dog." My son says, "But mama, I love that dog."

My kids have been sick and my son took my daughter's cup and started drinking out of it. My daughter ran to the phone, called my husband at work, and cried into the phone, "But daddy, he got his sick germs all over my cup."

My daughter's favorite Halloween candy was Butterfingers, or as she calls them "Buttery fingers" as in "Yum, I sure love buttery fingers."

After serving my kids breakfast in bed one day this morning my daughter pointed out that it was just like room service at the hotel and capped it off with, "And you know I just LOOOOOOOVE room service."

My son's hair is getting pretty long. My husband and I want to grow it out, but I thought I'd ask him if he wanted a haircut. He says, "No, long and wild like the Beast" (from Beauty and the Beast) His other answer when asked this question is, "No, put it in a pony-tie" (his combo work for pony tail and hair tie).

A woman in the mall was wearing a half top with her belly exposed. My son walked up to her, lifted his shirt, patted his stomach and said proudly, "My belly." She was not amused.

Passing by a section of homes that were pretty run down my daughter says, "That house is quite dilapidated. They really need to spruce it up a bit."

I promise that at least one day this week I'll have a "real" post.

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Joanne said...

There's such honesty in their words, isn't there? It really shows how they see the world clearly, purely for what it is.