Monday, November 23, 2009

Mane Event

My kids are big fans of Beauty and the Beast and as a result have started referring to their hair as their "mane." It's pretty funny especially when my son will mess up my hair and say, "I mess up the mama mane" and then laugh maniacally. Another effect of their love for this movie is my son wanting to grow his hair long "like the beast." We've let him because he has curly hair and so while he has a lot and it falls to his neck it doesn't look as long as it would if it were straight. It has however begun to look a little unruly and I have been asking him for weeks now if I could trim it just a little, which always leads to pleas of "No, please don't cut it. I want it long like the beast."

Somehow I got lucky this weekend and he actually agreed to let me cut his hair because he said he was a "big man." As I was wetting his hair he grabbed my hand and said, "Don't cut it all off. Leave my mane." Too funny. So, I did trim it, but left enough so that he still has curls and it is still relatively long on the top and sides as well (didn't want him sporting a mullet) but it no longer looks like he has constant bed head. A win-win.

Now he tells everyone, "Mama cut my mane, but left some of it." It's like he's Samson all of a sudden and draws his strength from his long, curly hair.

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