Friday, November 13, 2009

On My Final Nerve

My daughter is four going on sixteen. If the past two weeks have been any indication she is moments away from entering puberty. She's moody, sassy, emotional, temperamental, and overly sensitive. In a nut shell she is a teenager, except for the fact that she is four. Right now, I am a bit at a loss in terms of what to do with her. She has spent quite a bit of quality time in her room, for a variety of infractions. It's weeks like these when I seriously consider putting them in day care/preschool and heading back to work. That thought it usually quickly replaced when either one of my children does something great that I am thankful I got to witness.

Anyway, today I went to visit my grandmother, the children's great-grandmother, for a couple of hours. When it was time to leave my grandmother offered to keep my daughter for a couple of hours. I came home, put my son down for a nap and then had two solid hours to myself. I cleaned up the downstairs and my office, which didn't take long, I made myself lunch and ate it in peace without anyone asking for more water or milk or this or that. Then I sat down and watched last night's episode of CSI before my son woke up. It was seriously the highlight of my week.

An hour after that my grandmother brought my daughter home. She has been home thirty minutes now and for twenty of those minutes she has picked on her brother, talked back to me, and then melted down into a full out tantrum because she wanted the door closed and I needed it open to watch her brother playing out on the porch in the front.

My grandmother said she was perfect the entire time over there. So, either she's too kind to lie to me about it or else it's just me. Whatever it is, I hope she outgrows quickly.

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