Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We spent Halloween like every other family and went Trick or Treating. Our son went in his scrubs but insisted on carrying his new gun that his daddy just bought him, so I decided he was Dr. Kevorkian. Here he is with my husband in pursuit of more candy.
Our daughter went as Tinkerbell this year. She had a great time and ended up with quite the stash of candy.
We stayed up so late on Halloween that we spent most of Sunday just recuperating. The best part was that I even got a nap. (In all honesty, I got a nap Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).
My husband took Monday off for an appointment and it ended up being a good thing. Our son fell ill with a really high fever. He cried and moaned and was just otherwise beside himself all day. Having my husband home allowed me to care for him while he kept our daughter entertained. Plus, getting undivided daddy attention was a bonus for her.

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Joanne said...

Love the serious intent of the pursuit of candy going on here! Happy November to you ...