Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why My Son Will Make a Good Husband

Each morning after my daughter gets dressed my son will go up to her and say, "Pretty." She spends quite a bit of time in Princess dresses or other elaborate dresses at which point my son will say, "Oh, so pretty." This has now translated to me. Each day he kisses me and says, "Mama's pretty." Melt my heart.

Then yesterday two older women commented on how well-behaved my kids were at lunch. I said, "Thank you" and proceeded to make small talk. My son hopped out of his seat, walked up to the ladies, pointed at both and said, "Pretty" and then gave them both a grin that could charm the socks off the most suspicious of fathers.

A few minutes later on our way out he walked up to a little girl about 2 1/2 years old. He said, "Hi" the girl said "hi" back and then he points to her and says, "Pretty girl", blows her a kiss, and walks away waving.

I am definitely going to have to keep my eye on him. :)

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