Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Solution: Mexican Food

So, in addition to the cold that I have my stomach has been very upset since Sunday. Pretty much it just burns and cramps...nothing settles well and after each time I try to eat the pain just gets worse....until last night.

I was doubled over in pain and the thought of food sent me into a fit of dry heaves, until I thought of salty chips and incredibly hot salsa. For whatever reason that sounded delicious. Almost like the burn of the salsa would put out the fire in my stomach.

So, we went and grabbed some Mexican food and in all seriousness my stomach has not hurt since. It was almost instantaneous relief. What kind of sense does that make?

Do you ever get weird cravings when you are sick?


Joanne said...

Peanut butter & jelly on crackers for a headache. What I notice about my appetite is that in the few days before a cold hits, my appetite increases noticeably. Maybe the body's effort to fight off the germ?

Emerald said...

Potatoes without any toppings help with headaches. Salted homemade popcorn for stomach issues. Crazy, I know.

Moxymama said...

That's interesting about your appetite increasing before a cold, Joanne.
Emerald, I used to eat potatoes (with cheese and tobasco) in college whenever I'd get a migraine.

Cheryl Ann said...

Mexican food has many healthy things in it, believe it or not...lots of vitamin C from tomatoes, peppers, chili, and it also has onions!