Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Games We Play

My husband needed to swing by his office this morning to pick up some documents he had left. The kids and I decided we'd go with him so he could show the kids his new office and then we'd go out to lunch. Well, on the way back we pass this "carnvial" that is being set up in the parking lot of a strip mall. Our daughter flipped out with excitement. She had to go and see what was there. We figured we'd pull in, let her walk around, she'd be too scared to ride anything and we could leave. Boy were we wrong.

Amusement parks in general are not my favorite thing, but rides that are transported on trucks and set up in parking lots are especially shady in my opinion. We did a little recon on the area and decided to put the kids on a train that basically went around in a circle and did so slowly. Both kids were fine and loved it. Our daughter then decided she wanted to go on these airplanes that lift very high into the sky. I thought for sure they'd have to stop the ride to get her off. Nope, she rode it twice. She then rode a roller coaster which went way too fast in my opinion twice by herself. Then my husband took both kids one one of those boat looking contraptions that swings back and forth until you are so high you are literally looking down at the ground. The entire time I just kept thinking, "Please don't let my babies slip out from the guard rail." They loved every single minute of it. So, much in fact that both have been asking all day to go back tomorrow. I'm still thinking about that one.

So, I guess the next step is to take our kids to Disneyland. They seem to be ready. Mommy is not!


Joanne said...

And the fun begins! Sounds like you had a great, spontaneous time!

Nancy said...

that sounds like so much fun (for them!).
I like when kids have no fears about going on rides but yes, I understand your fear because I've had the same with my son. Who, managed to split his lip going UP a slide when the person in front of him caught him in the mouth with his foot. And this was at a CHILDREN'S amusement park!
I don't think I helped at ALL did I?

Emerald said...

You have a little dare devil on your hands. Sounds like fun to me.