Friday, September 18, 2009

Water Babies

Since my kids were very young they both have been obsessed with bathing, either in the tub or the shower. When either would get upset, when they were much younger, they'd run to the bathroom and cry to have a bath. Something about being in the water instantly calmed them down. As a result I have two kids who want baths all the time. Literally, they take three a day most days.

Play outside? Need a bath. Run a couple of errands? Need a bath. Go on a play date? Need a bath. Just had lunch? Need a bath. Played with the pet rat? Need a bath? Breath? Need a bath. Simply exist? Need a bath.

I'm a bit of a clean freak myself so I understand the desire to be clean, but three times a day seems a bit excessive. Not to mention, our water bill has gone up quite a bit (that might have something to do with the grass we put in too).

Anyone else's kids have this propensity for baths or showers?

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