Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Heaping Pile

A few months ago my husband and I did some major overhaul to our backyard. We cleared an area to lay down grass and figured it would be cheaper to plant by seed versus purchasing the roll out grass. So, we prepped the ground, followed the instructions exactly as given, and then waited. Grass only grew in a random five foot by five foot patch. The rest of the 300 square feet was left completely bare. So, we reseeded and waited again. The grass in that same area continued to grow, but nowhere else.

Here we are three months later and we have no grass. This has created a bit of a problem as we have promised that our children will have grass.

Over Labor Day my husband re-prepped the dirt, leveling everything off again. Today I spent $75 purchasing bags of soil, sand and shit (or more appropriately termed manure). My husband is picking up rolls of grass at 5 am tomorrow morning and hopefully by tomorrow evening we will have grass.

A couple things about this chap my hide. Number 1: We are now out way more money than we had anticipated. Had we just done the roll out from the start we could have saved $200 or so. I guess that is a lesson learned. Number 2: My husband has a crazy schedule, like always, but this week is especially brutal. He has no time to put the grass in or do any of the prep work. That leaves me. Tomorrow after I take the kids to the dentist and my daughter to dance class I will spend the rest of the afternoon and probably evening laying down sod. I am not looking forward to this in the least. I will, however, be very glad when it is done and we have grass.

On that note, does anyone know how long people and pets should stay off the grass?

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